Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"God, You are...."

My aunt gave me this list of attributes of God. It is a great reminder.

"Lord Jesus, take me to the point where I deliberately choose You; where I can honestly say, 'Have Your way with my life. Have Your way with my children, my marriage, my job, my health, my relationships, my church, my plans, my dreams, my goals, my ambitions.' I am weak. My flesh fights against You. Please Lord, give me the faith o believe all that You say. Turn my eyes from myself and toward You. Change my thoughts and attitudes. Help me remember that:

*God, You are everywhere. No matter where I am You are here!
*God, You are enough, it is true whether it feels like it or not.
*God, You are better than everyone and everything in life.
*God, You are self-existant, no one made You.
*God, You are self-sufficient, You need nothing from anyone to be complete.
*God You are huge, You hold the whole world in Your hands.
*God, You are mysterious, no one can understand You.
*God, You are creative, You imagined everything before You spoke it into place.
*God, You are eternal. You have no beginning and no end.
*God,You are all powerful, nothing can hinder or stop You.
*God, You are in control, You always get what You choose.
*God, You are glorious, I can't imagine the impact it will have on me to see You someday!
*God, You are unchanging, everyone else changes.
*God, You are faithful, everyone else will let me down.
*God, You are unlimited, everyone else is limited.
*God, You are forever, everyone else will die.
*God, You are complete, everyone else is needy.
*God, You are unchanging in nature, yet unpredictable in what You do.
*God, You are more beautiful than everything You created.
*God, You are bigger than______________________________ (fill in the blank)
*God You are better than________________________________(fill in the blank)
*God, only You________________________________(fill in the blank)
*God, You can't be threatened, overwhelmed, thwarted, intimidated, maniputlated, predicted, controlled or overcome by anyone or anything!
*God, I choose You right now. You are better.
*God, I choose You over____________________(what you love most)
*God, I submit to You in__________________________(a difficulty you are facing)
*Your are God and You can do whatever You want in my life.
*Have Your way with my life.
*No matter what happens Ill be okay because You are better than anything I may want!
*I don't have to be happy now, this isn't my life. My real life is in heaven.
*I choose to worship You.
*I need You, want You, Trust You, I'm Yours...It's all about You!"

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