Friday, January 23, 2009

My Thankful List....

This year, I am trying to be more thankful and content with what God has given me. So here's a start.

1.) A amazing family, that loves God and me.
2.) Good health- I don't have major health issues and I haven't gotten sick in a long time!
3.) A loving, forgiving and faithful God. Who is always there.
4.) A warm house to live in and a safe neighborhood.
5.) Our sponsor child Kanwagi Yuda from Uganda, who is such a blessing even though we've never met him.
6.) Great, godly friends that encourage me spiritually.
7.) One of my best friends, Hope for great times shopping, sleepovers and lots of laughs.
8.) Yummy food to eat. I'm blessed to have a family of wonderful cooks.
9.) A great job for Aaron at Chick-fil-A, his co-workers and friends.
10.) Bethany's talents in drama and that she enjoys performing.
11.) The sweet kids that I babysit for,and the hilarious things they say!
12.) A good season for the Cornhuskers- 8-4 isn't bad. For a first year coach!
13.) My mission trip that I went on last summer- the great friendships built there and the kids I met there.
14.) My small group at youth group. Miss Heather and Miss Kim for investing time in me.
15.) My mentor Taya, for the speaking into my life. Her boys Isaiah and Elijah are so precious!
16.) A great trip to Nebraska and the time spent with family.
17.) God's Word- the the benefits of memorizing it.
18.) My youth pastor Tim for preaching the Bible.
19.) The blessings for singing on the worship band at youth group.
20.) I get my braces off March 2nd it's been a quick 20 months!
21.) Getting to reconnect with old friends on Facebook.
22.) My trip to South Carolina in March with Hope and her family.
23.) Thankful for all people I know who have had babies reciently or they who are expecting! More babies for me to hold!
24.) President Bush and his godly leadership for the last eight years.
25.) My great grandma Margaret who is such a great example of a lady at 91.
26.) Africa- for reminding me how blessed I am.
27.) When I laugh so hard tears roll done my face and my sides hurt.
28.) For another year to serve God.
29.) For the men and women who serve our country and defend America.
30.) For all the families who have adopted or who are in the adoption process.
31.) A great church- that teaches God's Word.
32.) Worshipful music.
33.) God's beautiful creation- even the smallest cell!
34.) My dad's warm, strong hands.... I love when he holds my hands and also his hugs are the best!
35.) My parents who care about me and what's best for me.
36.) My mom for being such a great example of a godly wife and mother.

All for now.... more to come.


Lisa said...

What a tremendous list from a grateful heart! I pray that God will give you the desires of your heart as you seek His face!
Blessings - Lisa

Ross and Taya said...

Oh Mariah, I'm the one who is thankful for you! You are such a sweet girl and I love the time I get to spend with you (the boys love you too!!!). Blessings,