Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cathedral Made of People....

This is a very thought provoking song my our friends, Downhere. You can read Jeremy, the drummer and his wife Erin's blogs on my blogging buddies list.I wasn't able to get a really good quality video to post,but I think you'll get the idea of the song.

"Cathedral Made of People"
If they shut down the churches
Where would you go?
If they melted all the
stained-glass windows
Replaced every sanctuary
with a condo
Where would you go?
Where would you go?

We are a cathedral
made of people
In a kingdom that
they eye can't see
We're a house, we are the bride
Where God's Spirit lives inside
And nothing ever
could stand against her

If they burned every Bible
What would you know?
If they tore your marked-up pages
How would you grow?
And declared your devotion
to be criminal
What would you know?
What would you know?

When they throw you in prison
What will you do?
When they hate you for the things
That you know are true
They can tear down this temple
But they can't touch you

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