Monday, March 8, 2010

The Prayer of My Heart

Let me not live uselessly-dear God.
May I never wander and become lost,
Forgetting all Your goodness and grace.
Never may I become numb to Your love,
Unaffected by the sacrifice of the world’s Savior.
Blood shed to heal my filthy, sinful heart.

Harden not, to Thee my heart,
Denying my belief in You- God.
Forgetting tender mercies of my Savior.
Full of myself, but empty and lost,
Unaware of Your redeeming love.
Oh, Lord! How deep is Your grace!

May I know Your sweet grace,
And feel the beating of Your heart.
For You, the unlovable I will love.
With Your eyes, I will see the hurting- dear God.
My heart be broken for the wayward and lost
As I have, may they run to the waiting Savior.

Lead me precious Savior!
Guide me with unending grace!
If everything dear to me was lost,
May joy overflow from my heart.
I will ever praise You- for You are my God!
And it is You that I love!

Beautiful Jesus, be my only love,
May I hold fast to the Savior.
Gracious and faithful God,
Full of wisdom and grace,
Bind me closer to Your heart,
And feel Your love for that which was lost.

Treasure Your Word-Oh my soul, so it not is lost!
Fatherless and orphaned I will hold and love.
Faithful and pure shall be my heart.
All that is in me, loving my Savior,
Forgiving with Your mercy and grace.
May I be a loyal and true servant- dear God.

You are the God who saves the lost,
Rich in grace and abundant in love!
Savior, let me love You with all my heart!

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