Saturday, May 22, 2010


This is the latest update that I sent out to my Facebook group-"Mariah's Journey to Uganda" Feel free to join. :)

Hi all!

Well, two more weeks! I've bought the majority of the items I need for my trip and have started packing! Reality is setting in.... in two weeks, Lord-willing I'll be stepping off a plane onto Ugandan soil!
I would ask you all to just cover me in prayer these last two weeks.
Pray that I would be leaving with the central focus of my heart, mind, and soul being to honor and glorify Jesus Christ in all that I do, say and think. Pray that I would have humility and a servant’s heart and attitude as I serve this summer. Pray that I would be meditating on Scripture and dwelling on heavenly things prior and during my trip.
With my departure date coming so close... I would ask that you pray for me as I prepare and pack for the trip. Pray that stress and anxiety would not be apart of it! Usually, when I get stressed I don't get to really enjoy the anticipation and excitement of the event. So pray that I would be able to enjoy and savor these last two weeks with my family and friends before I leave.
Also, I have applied to visit our Compassion International sponsor child while I'm in Uganda. Compassion is now talking with the Compassion leaders in Uganda so that they can arrange a time for me to visit him. Pray that it will be arranged quickly and timely.
Also, I'd encourage you to follow my blog. Click the "Follow" button on the right side of the page. You may need to scroll down a little bit to find it. My blog will probably be the best way to keep up with me while I'm there in Uganda. I'm not sure what my computer/Internet situation will be and now often I'll be able to check Facebook etc. But I'll try to update my blog and Facebook as often as possible.

Thank you all for supporting and praying for me!

For The Least of These,


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