Sunday, November 21, 2010

Modesty Reminder....

I was watching some videos on Youtube made by Christian guys who were talking about modesty and how girls dress. It was such a good reminder for me to be constantly evaluating how I am dressing and what message it sends to guys. I think sometimes we tend to forget the point of modesty and the reason we do it because we have heard it taught so much. It's not just to keep covered up, we are to be modest because it is honoring to Jesus Christ and to our brothers in Christ.

I listened to guy after guy talk about (sometimes very bluntly)what a struggle immodesty creates for guys. How can any Christian girl watch and listen to those guys speak and then go out and dress immodestly?

I know bikinis are what every teen girl is wearing for swimwear but it is immodest. Do you realize what you are wearing??? Basically nothing!!
I know mini skirts and short dresses are in style (even with leggings) they are immodest.
I know short shorts are in style- but as one guy said "you're wearing a diaper."

In saying this I don't want you to think that I am condemning you if you choose to wear these items. I want to encourage you to pursue a higher standard. Think about your future husband. Would you like for a girl at his church, his youth group, his college Bible study to wear something that would cause him to lust or struggle? I don't think so. You want him to keep his eyes only for you-right? Well, it's like that with the guys you come in contact at your church, youth group, college Bible study etc. help them (keep their eyes only for their future wives) by the way you dress and wear your clothes.
I think often while I am getting dressed, "Is this the best I can do?" "Is God being glorified in this outfit or am I getting the glory?" "Is this outfit drawing people closer to Christ or is it drawing people (guys) away from God and more toward lust? "

"So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God."
1 Cor. 10:31

I know this verse it quoted a lot but think about it. WHATEVER YOU DO- means EVERYTHING- including how we dress should to glorifying to Jesus Christ.

I know it's easier to compare everyone else, like: "Well, I don't dress like so and so." or "My skirts aren't as short as (fill in the blank)"
But it's not about some one else- it is about you. You and your relationship with Jesus Christ. If you are walking with and delighting in Jesus the fruits of your life will be to honor and glorify Jesus in all areas of your life- including the way we dress.

So maybe it's time we take a look at our closets and reevaluate what we are wearing. The first thing we should think about when dressing is 1. IS THIS GLORIFYING TO JESUS CHRIST? 2. IS THIS HONORING TO MY BROTHERS IN CHRIST? IS THIS DRAWING THEM CLOSER TO JESUS OR AWAY INTO SIN?
Not is it cute? Or is this in style? Or will my girlfriends approve? No, does this bring glory to Jesus.

Girls, it's time we step it up a bit and dress in glory of Christ not ourselves.

When we dress immodestly it shows either 2 things: Insecurity or Pride. Insecurity shows when we think we have to dress and flaunt ourselves in order for guys to notice us and like us. Pride when we know that our bodies and how we dress our bodies can cause guys to stumble and we do it anyway.

When we dress modestly it shows 2 things: Confidence and Humility. Confidence in who God has made us and that we don't have to flaunt ourselves in order for guys to be attracted to us. Humility- in knowing that God has made women to be beautiful(for the purpose of our future husbands)but we dress modestly for the glory of Christ and out of respect and honor of and for our brothers in Christ.

Girls, let's be a generation of girls who dress to glorify Christ in all things-especially in the way we dress!!

Here's one of the videos that was really helpful. :)


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WOW, Mariah, homerun!! You said that as well as anyone could. Keep up the good ministry, cousin!Hugs--