Sunday, May 1, 2011

It's Graduation Week!!!!!

Well, it's's graduation week!! I can't believe that my senior year is coming to a close and I'm actually GRADUATING!! Holla! It's kinda crazy to think that I actually made it! It seemed so far off and here it is!

God has been so faithful. Through all of my life He has remained so steadfast. I have been so blessed in so many ways over the years... here's just a few.

*Having parents who have been married for almost 24 years and who are more in love each day.
*Having a big brother and little sister who are some of my closest friends.
*Meeting every Wednesday morning with my Bible study girls has be a tremendous blessing.
*Sweet friendships.
*Being mentored by such a godly woman has had a profound impact in my life.
*Serving locally and abroad. From witnessing to inmates at the juvenile prison, helping at a teen moms support group, spending a week in New Mexico at a summer camp for poor Native American children, going to Uganda last summer, meeting my Compassion child etc.
*Being able to teach Pre K for the past two years has been such a blessing and great source of income.
*My babysitting kids. Being able to see them grow physically and spiritually has been amazing.
*Being able to be homeschooled all of my school years has been wonderful.
*Having my mom stay home through out all of our childhood years has been a incredible blessing.
*Seeing God provide for me and my family time and time again.
*God work in my life and give me a passion for the lost in the world.
*The Lord making it possible to attend Ellerslie Leadership Training in Colorado this summer!!

That's just a glimpse of what I'm thankful for!!

One question I get often is, "What are you doing after graduation?" Well, for all you who were wondering... here it is. I DON'T KNOW!!
Naturally, I'm a planner so I would love to know my life plan for the next five years but God doesn't work that way. It's just one step at a time. This summer I will be in Colorado for about 10 weeks at Ellerslie Leadership Training. After that, I don't know! I'm looking at Bible colleges, nursing schools, mission opportunities etc. So just trusting the Lord to show me what's next.

I think that's a good place to be... not comfortable one but a good place. It requires a lot of trust and that is what I need to learn. Complete trust in the Lord, not in my abilities, accomplishments, talents, plans etc. but in HIM alone. Knowing that He will be faithful (again:) to guide, provide and lead me in His will for my life.


Sarah Elizabeth said...

Neat you are going to ellerslie this dear friend Lydia Covey will be there, too!! blessings on the rest of your journey...i will be praying for our Lord's clear glory into your life this summer.

Olivia Justine said...

You're going to Ellerslie! Fantastic! I'll be praying for you! The Lord has some amazing things in store for all the students going through this Summer Semester! Be expectant!

In Him,

l. c said...

This post encouraged me so much as this was my senior year of high school as well, and I, too don't know exactly what lies ahead for me. This is a hard place to be and requires faith and trust in our Lord.

Keep your eyes fixed on Him!
love in Christ