Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lord, Give Me Your Heart....

Last Thursday I walked out of class with a heavy heart. We had just finished our class on Awareness and Advocacy for the least, vulnerable and forgotten. We heard statistics on orphans, girls who are being sex trafficked around the world and in the United States, children who are in foster care and those who are dying of starvation without ever hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For most of the class time we spent time watching videos on those issues- putting the faces with the statistics. For most of the time I just cried. Hearing from children who are in the foster care system. From girls who were sold into prostitution in Cambodia, little boys who are kidnapped by the Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda and Sudan,children who are sold into slave labor in Haiti. All of it was so heavy on my heart.

I was on the verge of tears as I walked back to my dorm room. I walked by the Victory wing which is now home to adorable children from Ethiopia and Honduras. They are with His Little Feet- a orphan children's choir. They were practicing for their tour. As I walked by, they were singing on the top of their lungs, "WE ARE THE CHILDREN OF GOD!! WE ARE THE CHILDREN OF GOD!!"

It was a perfect reminder that He knows about the little girls who are in slavery, he know about the orphan boys and girls in Uganda, he know about the children in the Foster Care system. And He knows their names.

"Thou art a helper of the fatherless." -Psalm 10:14

"A father of the fatherless, and a judge of the widows, is God in His holy habitation. God setteth the solitary in families. He bringeth out those which are bound in chains..." -Psalm 146:9

This is our God. He is rescuer, helper, comforter, sustainer, deliver. He is the Father to the fatherless, the advocate to those who have no voice. He knows each an every orphan, slave, child soldier, aborted baby, dying and vulnerable child.

The thing we must ask is: "Lord, give me your heart."

God uses His people to be the rescuers, helpers, advocates for the least. We MUST have His burden, we must have His heart... it must be broken for these children. We must feel what He feels when we hear of orphans in Liberia, 10 year old prostitutes in Cambodia, abused children in Foster Care and child soldiers in Uganda. We must carry God's burden. Our motive cannot be ruled by human compassion or humanitarianism but it must be for the glory of Jesus Christ that we act. If we do it out of humanitarianism we will only be putting a band-aid on a gaping wound. We will only be taking care of their physical needs without giving them what they really need: Jesus Christ.


"Lord, Give me your heart for these children! May I see them as you see them! Break my heart for what breaks Yours! Let me feel what you feel when you see them! Burden me and send me out to rescue them! Not just to eliminate their physical poverty, situation or hardships but bring them to the feet of Jesus Christ and give them true life in Christ. For Your glory! Your praise! Your honor!! Send me!!"

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Stephanie Crow said...

Dear Miss Mariah,

I so enjoyed reading this. This has been the cry of my heart for weeks. The Jackie Pullinger video is so good. May it always and forever be for His glory! I would love to chat with you sometime about this. I hope and pray you are doing well. :)