Saturday, February 7, 2009

More Thankfulness!!!

37.) Family road trips, laughs and good talks.
38.) A safe trip for my dad yesterday as he traveled to Nashville for the National Religious Broadcasters convention. I miss him though :(
39.)Service projects in the inner-city.
40.)Panera Bread opening in Little Rock! Yippee!
41.)A great relationship with my brother.
42.)Being able to redecorate my bedroom.
43.)Good grades in school and that I like all my classes.
44.)For 8 babysitting jobs in 10 days!
45.)Comedy- laughter is so good!
46.)When my dad sings 70's and 80's music in the store! Thanks, daddy it doesn't bother me! :)
47.)For my mom who keeps me on focus and keeps me together!
48.)Aaron- for playing his bass late into the night when I'm trying to sleep! :)
49.)Bethany for always keeping me laughing.
50.)Relaxing Saturdays with my family.
51.)When my family cooks a meal together.
52.)Kanwagi's letters from Uganda. They break my heart.

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