Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kanwagi- someone very dear to my heart....

I have written on passed posts about my family's Compassion sponsor child, Kanwagi Yuda. We have supported Kanwagi for the last year. He is such a precious little boy. I have fallen in love with his tender heart for Jesus. Kanwagi lives in Uganda with parents and his eight siblings. Kanwagi's living conditions and circumstances are not ideal at all. Yet his joy does not cease! I wish America could get out the our Westernized bubble and see that joy and contentment doesn't come with possessions, wealth, fame, popularity, having the best of everything,but only by a personal relationship with their Creator, Jesus Christ! So for Kanwagi, he doesn't need possessions to be happy because he has all he needs in Jesus! I wish we could be more like Kanwagi. Yesterday, we got a letter from Kanwagi. Recieving his letters is always a highlight of my week! It follows:

"Recieve greetings from your lovely son Kanwagi. He says he is excited to write you this letter. He says it has been a good day for him. Yuda says it is a raining season mow in his country and he has a very nice garden of beans and maize. Yuda says his parents are so happy for you, for the great work you are doing for them. He says it is not easy to be in their school called Kakwuh Christian School. But because of your help he is there. Yuda says please pray for him to study well and get promoted to primary four next year. Yuda says his parents have planted many things like maize, beans, A-nuts, cassaza and the local crops.Yuda says his friends David and Michael love you and send you greetings. He says they are good boys and they play together football (soccer) both at school and at the project. Yuda asks do you love football also? He says he loves you and wishes you a blessed new year."

Though I have never Kanwagi, he is so close to my heart. I hope someday soon I'll be able to meet him and give him a huge hug! Kanwagi is such a blessing to me. He reminds me of just how blessed I am.

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Joanna Kristina said...

We truly *are* blessed, though sometimes I feel like I may forget. I am so happy for your family and for what you have been able to do for Kanwagi! The LORD loves this... =) Thank you for this lovely post!