Monday, January 4, 2010

Frugal Fashion Challenge Day 2

Ok, so it's day two of my fashion challenge. Monday is usually the day that is the hardest to get up, I'm extra tired from weekend activities and I have a new week of school that needs to get tackled etc. But today was extra hard because we woke up to a dusting of snow! I secretly wished that school would be closed (I teach a K4 class one day a week) and I could stay in my pjs all day, drinking tea and reading a goodbook!! Ha! Well, school was NOT canceled so I wasn't so lucky this time. None the less, I put together my day 2 outfit. My base for this outfit is my majenta pink dress.I found this Charlotte Russe dress at a thrift store for $8!Totally love the versital looks!( Scarves, shrugs, leggings, jeans, boots, flats, sandals. etc.) Today, it was a little chilly so I went for skinny jeans rather than black leggings (which I normally wear with the dress) My skinny jeans I purchised from the Old Navy clearence rack a few years back for $8. I don't normally wear the skinnys on their own because they are a tad tight and I am a little hippy so they aren't my most flattering look but with a long tunic top or shorter dress they look great! I layered a black cami from Shade clothing (my all-time wardrobe staple) and a heavy sweater shrug that I also got at a thrift store last year for $3. To keep my feet extra warm I wore my toasty black boots! (Payless) They are so popular this year and I totally love them! I almost wear them with shirts and dresses more than with jeans! My favorite Christmas gift this year was a Ugandan Magazine Necklace (147 Million Orphans,) so I added this beautiful and colorful accessory to my outfit for an extra pop.I wore simple black dangle earrings and my big black bag that I use all the time! I got it from Walmart for $10! My friend just bought one a few days ago and they were on sale!! :) Anyways, what have you put together???


Dawn said...

I am so impressed! You are a frugal fashionista, indeed!

Gracie said...


I love love love that necklace. It's so pretty. I've been praying for your Uganda trip! :)