Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Five Day Frugal Fashion Challenge!!

For the next few days my blogging will be a little different from my traditional topics the I usually write about. I got a wonderful idea from the Authentic Beauty blog a five day challenge to create new outfits with clothes and accessories that you already own or can borrow from a family member. So I decided to give it a try!! I really try and make an effort not to spend a lot of money on clothes, mainly because I am the one who pays for them! I love love love clearance racks and normally only buy items that are on sale! (My mom raised me right!!) What I have learned is that you can have a stylish and fashionable look without paying gobs of money! So here is my go at a five day challenge of frugal fashion!!


I decided to dress a little more casually for church today so I paired my all time favorite jeans (Maurices- normally $29, on sale for $20) with a cute black, cream and light blue tank (Old Navy- a total steal for 47 cents!!) and a black cardigan the I have had forever! (Kohls- I think for around $8) For my accessories I added a cute cream scarf the I borrowed from my sister. (Walmart- $5) For an extra pop of color I wore my favorite pair of high heels- RED ones!! Instead of a large black purse the normally carry I decided to go more a sparkly silver clutch for a added spark to my look. My silver earrings added a finishing touch to my outfit. (Kohls- $2) Ok, so I did it! I would love to see what you come up with!! Post it on your blog or you can email me ( your pictures of your frugal, fabulous fashions!!

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