Friday, March 26, 2010

My Journey Part 2 and a little more...

One thing that I'm realizing about myself is that I am horrible about journaling! I'm a details person so I have a hard time writing down all the events, situations, and stages that I have gone through to get to where I am today! Ugh! So it's kinda hard to even know where to start when it comes to my journey to Africa! So just bear with me here! :)
Though I really felt that God wanted me in Uganda, I knew that the Lord would have to work in my parent's hearts to let me go. I knew they understood my heart but I knew they were a little hesitant to letting their 18 year old daughter fly half way around the world by herself! I think I would feel the same way if it was my daughter! :)But I can say that today they are 200% behind this adventure! It is cool to see how God brought them to total peace about my trip. They told me that they couldn't hinder me by saying "no" to what God is calling me to do, just because they were a little uneasy about it and the safety issues. I believe that being in the center of God's Will is the BEST and SAFEST place to be! He will watch over and protect me! :) SO it's been amazing to see what God has not just done in my heart but in my parent's hearts too!
So I applied with Amani Baby Cottage the first part of December to be a summer volunteer. I heard back about a month later that I was accepted! Praise the Lord! :) In mid- February, I sent out support letters to family and friends. Asking them to join me on this adventure God is calling me to, by prayerfully and financially supporting me. I am so thankful for these dear ones! They have answered above and beyond what I asked for! :)

On March 10th, my great group of girls from youth group had a bake sale at youth to raise money. We sold everything we put out! In total we made about $170!

As of, April 7th- exactly two months before I am scheduled to leave, I met my goal of $4,400!! Isn't God so good!! :) He has a great sense of timing-huh?

For the last few months I've been planning a big yard sale to raise money for my trip. We probably had over 20 people or families that donated stuff. Let's just say we had TONS of stuff!! Items filled every inch of our garage and living room the last week before our sale. Through it all, I have realized how blessed I am to have awesome, supporting friends! Our dear friends Robyn and Erin came over and helped organize and price all the items! So thankful for them and my mom and dad cuz, I am NOT organized!!! My sweet friend, Hayley came over and spent the night and helped all day on Saturday. God is so good because we couldn't have asked for a more gorgeous, sunny warm day! Beautiful weather! We had a steady stream of people from 6:30am until 3pm. Pretty unusual because normally yard sales slow down by 11am-12 pm! We had a sign saying that all proceeds would go to my mission trip. People gave above and beyond what items were priced for! In grand total God brought in close to $900!!! I am amazed! Only God could do this! This is $900 that I don't technically need. But God has blessed me with so that I can give to others! Here are some pictures from my sale last Saturday.
The bottom pic is of my dear "little sisters" Brooklyn and Jadyn who sold lemonade which was quite tasty!!

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