Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Little Girl Faith....

Last night, I decided to go through my memory box. My mom kept all my drawings, favorite childhood books, cards, notes, letters in this little box. I hadn't looked in it for a while and was in the mood to be sentimental so I began to dig through some memories. I found many sweet birthday cards given to me by grandparents, friends and family. Encouraging notes by friends. Funny letters that I had written to my parents when I had had a bad day. As a make up I promised.... "I would like to do some work for no charge because of this morning." We all had a good laugh. There were a few tears shed when I read the note my mom and dad had written to me encouraging me and loving me through the tough in between stage. But what got me the most was two pieces of paper.
One said, "My Testumny, (Testimony) I prad(prayed) to God. I side(said) God changed my life and God mack (make) me free. Thats my testumny(testimony). By Mariah Jane"

The second was a picture I had drawn, it read, "Jesus Loves Me!" then the drawning was of two big hands holding a little girl.

Both were done when I was four or five years old. My faith was certain that Jesus was and is holding me and that He loves me. My little faith was simple. Jesus loved and loves me and has changed my life. It is a good reminder of my faith in Jesus through my little girl eyes. :)

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Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

I found your blog because my Google Alert picked up on the mention of Compassion International in your sidebar. I was brought to tears by this sweet post. Wow.
I love th picture of you with your sponsor child! What an amazing opportunity! I pray that God allows me to be able to meet at least one of our seven CI kids in this lifetime.