Monday, January 31, 2011

What a Year Will Hold....

I am so blessed. God is faithful. He has done great things. He has taken me places and given me opportunities that I could have never imagined possible. I am amazed in all He has done in and through me this last year. (I think this post is like a month late in coming-better late than never!!)

A year ago, I had just found out that I had been accepted to volunteer at an orphanage in Uganda- thus beginning the extensive process of planning an international trip by myself (with the occasional help from my parents :)

I finished teaching my Pre K class in May, visited my brother in Wyoming in May and watched him graduate from Bible college.

June I turned 18 and two days later I boarded a plane headed for Africa!

June/July was spent hugging, holding and loving orphans!! Boy, were they cute!! :)
The best day last year was the day spent with my Compassion sponsor child- Kanwangi, his family and the Compassion staff. One of the best moments of my life.
An African safari on the Nile river exploring and admiring God's creation was amazing!

July- home back in the US after a crazy international flying nightmare.... long story. Was so glad to be greeted my family and embracing my dad as we both cried was a special moment. :)

August- a new school year of teaching Pre K. Adjustments back into the "American" routine. Enjoyed a wonderful visit from my brother!

September- started my last year of high school (bittersweet)

October- helped start up a teen moms MOPS group.

November/ December- enjoyed a wonderful, relaxing holiday season!

Even now as I type I am reminded of all the Lord has done!
I am so excited see what my next year will hold!

Lord-willing, I graduate high school in May!! Holla! :) and June starts a 10 week summer in Colorado at Ellerslie Leadership Training!

What else God will throw my way- I can't wait for!! :)

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Reflector said...

My name is Katie Schmidt. I don't know if you remember me or not-we met through Homeschool Alumni awhile ago. We "spoke" mostly about NICU & orphans I was just browsing your blog when I came across this post. When I read the end my heart got so excited(and, I must admit, a bit envious). I've been wanting to go to Ellerslie since they began! It's so exciting that you'll be able to go this summer! It seems that we have so much in common. I'll be praying for you! I hope to attend Ellerslie in the near future!