Tuesday, May 17, 2011

God is so good. Period. His faithfulness never ends. He cares about the littlest things. Yesterday, I was really stressed about packing for my summer at Ellerslie. Not knowing how much I needed to pack... what clothes I should pack etc. I really don't want to go out and buy more clothes just for the summer so I'm trying to work with what I already have. And this was stressing me out! UGH! I get stressed so easily and on the littlest of things! :)
So that was my morning yesterday. That afternoon I get a text from my "big sis" (not biologically.... but almost..:) She said that she had some skirts that might work for Ellerslie.... so she came over and all the skirt fit perfectly, were long enough and were soo cute!! The Lord always provides... yesterday morning (before my stressing) I was praying that the Lord would help me find some clothes that would work for my summer. How He answers prayers! Even the little things about clothes! :)
Last night, I went out to relax and read in my hammock.... I started praying and thanking the Lord for His blessings.
At one point, I looked up and see the thousands of green leaves giving me shade. I hear the birds chirping happily- there is never a day when the birds are not singing. Day after day the Lord sustains and provides for them. For every creature on earth- big or small. If God cares for a little bird on a little planet called Earth which is just a speck in a giant galaxy, how much more does He care for us- His children! As I was looking up at the trees I was reminded, "I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing." -John 15:5

We think we are so big. So independent. So strong. Actually, we are just a little twig on a vast, giant oak. Apart from the tree that little twig can do nothing. It can't give shade, but when the twig is attached to the tree, it is apart of a vast tree giving shade and coolness in the heat of summer.
In the Christian walk, we are but a twig in a vast giant oak... by ourselves we can do nothing... we cannot bear fruit. We think we can do it without God. We can be good people without God in our lives, without reading our Bible, praying and seeking God. But when that is our thinking we are just like a little twig thinking that we are big enough to give shade like an large oak tree.... With the Lord we can do great things. Because HE is our source. Our strength and supply. Apart from HIM we are NOTHING!!

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Jacquelynn said...

So very true Mariah! I am so excited for you and the ways the Lord is growing you and helping you trust Him; What a beautiful reminder that He cares about the "littlest" of things, He never lets us go but is continually working in our lives growing us, encouraging us, pursuing us and loving us! What a wonderful Father we have!