Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thank You Jesus for PROTECTION!!! :)

Let me say again: GOD IS SO GOOD!!!!!! This morning, in the last post I said I was so thankful for the Lord's provision. Now I'm so thankful for the Lord's protection. My friend and I were planning a fun day together, starting in downtown Little Rock and walking around parks and taking pictures, get a bite to eat and then take a hike at Pinnicle Mountain (not really a mountain, but everyone here thinks it is... :)
So my friend and I had a wonderful time and delicious meal and were heading back to our car. We had parked in a parking garage and were walking back when out of no where these two guys (who looked very scary) come up from behind and start following us very closely.... we were just waiting for them to confront us or take our purses or something. After a little while they left and went to their car. We got in our car a let out a deep sigh of relief...The Lord had watched over us! We don't know whether they truly were attempting to rob us or whatever or if they just walking to their car without knowing that they were terrifying two young women!

What is really neat about this whole situation is that during lunch I received my daily Bible verse via text. I glanced at it but really didn't process it. I didn't look back at it until later and read these words from Psalm 62:6, "He alone PROTECTS and SAVES me, He is my DEFENDER, and I shall never be defeated."
This verse came in just minutes before the whole incident!! It's our God amazing!! How He sends just what I need at the right time??
I am totally in awe!

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Joanna Kristina said...

Praise the Lord!!! He truly is so, so Good!!
Love ya, Mariah! =)