Saturday, March 31, 2012

Oh to be spent for Jesus!

Outpoured- Alice Reynolds Flower

“Oh to be spent for Jesus!
Living a life outpoured,
Doing His service holy,
Broken before the Lord.
Waiting His precious bidding,
Listening for His voice,
Yielded, Still and Steady,
Filling the place of His choice.

Oh to be spent for Jesus!
Never a power reserved.
Treasures so dear, so costly
Given unto the Lord.
Channels that carry His rivers
Empty must be, and clean
Wires that send His messages have no disconnection between

Lives that give sweetest perfume,
Pressure and breaking know
Would that give forth His fragrance?
Through garden shadows go
The box alabaster unbroken
No sweetness can ever give
The lives that are spent for Jesus, ever in riches live.

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Sare said...

Hmm SO good! I wonder where you got that? :)