Sunday, June 6, 2010

Africa or Bust!!!

Well, it's here!! Aaaahhh!! I've been "planning" my trip since October of 2009, so it seems weird for it to actually be here!!

As I fly tomorrow, you can be praying that...

* I would sense the Lord's presence and peace during my flights. That I would not have a spirit of fear, worry or 'what if's' but that I would be dwelling and meditating on Scripture.

* Good health while we fly and as we deal with some serious jetlag! Pray that we would be able to rest and adjust to 'Africa time.' We would be wise in what we eat and we would avoid harmful foods.

* That our flights would be on time,and that we would be able to make all of our connections. Pray for the pilots and staff would have alertness and wisdom as we fly. Also, pray for the people that we will come in contact with... that we will represent Christ's love and that the Lord would give us opportunities to share the gospel with them.

Thank you all for all you have done! Your prayers mean so much to me- more than you'll ever know!!

Glory to God Alone!!


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Lancaster Rose said...

This will be the time of your life! So happy to hear you arrived safely and are settling in. Looking forward to hearing updates. In the meantime, your lovely photo card is a great remind to pray for you...doing that now.

P.S. Did your dad get you that car yet :-)!?